Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review... and Welcome 2013!!

2012 was a pretty major year for me and our family. We had our ups and downs, but are so, so thankful. I wanted to take a few minutes to review a few of those high (and low) points as I prepare for the new year. There are a lot of these random surveys going around the blogosphere, but I'm just going to make my own categories. :) Looking over both (a) the categories I chose, and (b) my answers, makes me realize the following will also likely provide the basis for my goal setting for 2013 :) That's handy.

Biggest Accomplishment or Event (Running/Fitness)

The obvious answer is the Detroit Marathon.  It was my first (though I expect not my last) marathon and something that I NEVER thought I could do (or even want to) until this year. To accomplish that - well, it almost turns your whole world on its head doesn't it?  I mean, what ELSE can I do!??! 

That being said, a close follow up would be the Riverbank Run 25k.  At that point, that was my longest race (and the longest I ever expected to run).  We had some personal challenges right before it and I was in a tough place mentally. That race was hard for me, harder than I expected, but crossing that finish line was just such a relief. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Additionally, although I did not quite meet my time goal, I did meet my goal of running the whole way and staying on pace - pretty big accomplishments. 

Biggest Accomplishment or Event (Non-Running/Fitness)

I'm not entirely sure it qualifies as an "accomplishment," but it was certainly a wonderful life changing event to add Jhon to our family this year. Our entire trip to Colombia and these first few weeks home have been surreal.  And although things are certainly not perfect, I have never felt more sure of our decisions and choices in how we have built our family.

Additionally, I feel like I learned a lot more about all our children who have joined us from hard places. Learned a little more about their particular hard places and about trauma generally. Which all led me to realizing how much I still do not know. It's going to be a lifetime of learning really, but we continue to work on this so we can be the best parents possible to these wonderful kids. No easy task though.

Oooooh wait, I have ANOTHER ONE (way too hard to pick!).  This summer, Mark and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. They haven't all been wonderful or easy, but they have all been extraordinarily important and part of who I am as a person, who we are. I am so, so blessed to have this man by my side. :)

Biggest Injury

Fortunately, I've been really lucky in this department. But I did suffer a stupid broken toe during marathon training that derailed me a tad. Frankly, it is still a bit stiff and sore if I mess with it. Don't disregard those toes!

Biggest Regret (Running/Fitness)

Hands down, lack of cross training/strength training. Running has been my go-to exercise since the beginning of 2011. It's efficient and doesn't require much thought. But the truth is that it isn't very complete by itself. I really felt my lack of core strength during those late miles of the marathon and I simply must make this a bigger priority if I want to get faster in 2013.Plus, I would like to jiggle less. Thank you.

Biggest Regret (Non-Running/Fitness)

This year we made the very difficult decision to leave our church. I don't regret the actual choice (hard as it was)- I think it was the right choice. However, I do regret that I still feel unsettled. We have been attending another church, but I haven't really committed myself yet and I'm not quite sure why. A lot has had to do with timing - with Colombia and adding Jhon to our family, the last few months have been chaotic to say the least. But if I'm honest, I started letting my relationship with God slip long before that.  In a year where I needed Him more than ever, I have allowed other things to take priority. I must rectify this in 2013.

Miles Ran -  927!

I should be over the moon about this number - that really is a lot! But I admit to being a tad disappointed that it fell far short of 1000 (which is dumb since I never truly made 1000 a goal). 1000 should have been easy to hit but with only 16 miles in Nov and 31 in December (compared to 142 in August...) it just wasn't in the cards. So we try for 4 digits in 2013!

Family Update!
The years just seem to pass faster and faster! 2012 saw the kids turn 15, 11, 9, 8, 6 and 5. The 6 are spread over 3 schools (9th, 6th, 4th, 3rd, 1st and K grades). Whew. Makes me tired to even think it! :)  Feeling so very, very blessed.

Bring it on 2013!
Happy New Year!

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  1. What an amazing year!!! You are incredible and have a beautiful family and a beautiful spirit I am so proud of you! Hugs!