Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wonderful Weekend in Review

In case you live under a rock (or, more accuately, don't regularly read this blog or follow me on social media...), my 10 year wedding anniversary was this past Friday.  Mark and I don't typically make a big deal about our anniversaries (no trips, gifts, etc), but we agreed this was a milestone we wanted to acknowledge.  Further, we wanted our kids involved.  We know of far too many couples that don't make it to this milestone, not to mention making it and being more in love than ever.  We want our kids to know that we are in love and proud of our marriage.  

 (Okay, mushiness over)

What better way to involve your kids than with a monster chocolate cake and a craft project?  :)  So, Friday was a family night and was lots of fun. 

[Costco chocolate cake.  Incredible.  One quarter of this easily fed all 7 of us.  We had the leftovers on Sunday with our friends - a family of 12 (+ our 7).  We STILL didn't finish it!]

 [Flowers still make me smile]

Saturday was fairly relaxing day at home, which has been pretty rare for us this summer. Earlier this summer we bought this blow up pool for the kids. Well, Perry promptly jumped in and managed to tear in within 30 min.  : / We discovered that he only ripped one of the rings, however, and the other rings made for a fun pool below the slide!  Kids had a blast. :)

Saturday evening we left the kiddos for a brief date night, hitting up a restaurant we've been wanting to try for YEARS.  The weather was perfect and we sat on the patio, along the lake.  My crab cake was incredible. Sorry, no photos. We also snuck in a few errands (which FEELS like a date with no kids to keep track of!) and got home at a decent time.  It was lovely.

 [Aren't we cute?  Selam was nice enough to let me borrow her dress, but mad that it looked nice on me. ;)

We even danced to our wedding song.  I teared up.  Hard to believe what the last 10 years have brought us and I can only begin to imagine what the next 10 might bring!  So thankful to be on this journey with Mark.


  1. lovely :) my favorite part is that you can borrow clothes from your kid!

  2. Congrats, that's awesome! So happy for you guys...and you guys look great!

  3. I love the cake AND your dress! It looks lovely. And congratulations of course.