Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Run for the HILLS

(1) Today is a rest day. Normally I love rest days. :) It is nice to wake up next to my husband, instead of 60-90 minutes before him.  But I notice I'm feeling a little antsy - weird. There is a part of me that's feeling a bit off with no run or anything planned today. Maybe it's that 26.2 miles hanging over my head? 

Still, I also know my body is tired and needs recovery if I'm going to keep pushing it.  I also woke up to pouring rain (yay!) and was thankful to NOT be out running in that soup. So, all in all a win. :)

(2) Yesterday was my first attempt at hill repeats.  I had a slow start and really had to drag myself out the door.  Once I got going, I started feeling better.  Then I hit the neighborhood hill. It's certainly nothing for those who regularly run the rolling hills of TN or the Rocky Mountains, but I worked with what was on hand. :) Anyway, once I got going, I realized I felt GREAT. I powered up the hills (which is most of a long block) and then recovered by running down the other block.  I just did these circles over and over for a total of 4 miles of hills (6 miles total with warm up/cool down).  Under 10/min mile pace! I was so happy with that!!  I wanted to keep it challenging, but it wasn't meant to be speed work and I didn't want to overdo it. Overall, I was really pleased. Felt good to have a self-esteem-boosting run (as compared to Monday when I was second-guessing this marathon business and wanted to quit for the entire 7 miles...).  :) 

Also, I tried out my new (clearance!) running skirt for the first time. Maybe that made me fast?  ;) The pink can't hurt right? 

(3) This week we had another reminder at how fast our kids are growing up.  Certainly not babies any more.  And we'll even have a highschooler this September.  Ack.  So not ready for this.  : / Parenting rule number 57 (yes, that # choice was arbitrary):  Never stop learning.  And number 58: It doesn't get easier as they grow older, just different. 

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  1. I often feel 'funny' too when there's no run on the menu for the day. Usually I run daily, with the exception of Saturday. On the one hand it feels nice and relaxing knowing I won't have to go for a run, but soon I start feeling like something is missing…