Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Back on Track

Alternate Title:  This Snow is Killing Me
Alternate Title:  I Mourn My Lack of Snow Plow Service this Season
Alternate Title:  I Wish I Could Write Good Titles


So.  No marathon for me. I'm still good with that.  It's been quite a busy few weeks, and the lack of a training calendar has taken a lot of stress off. Whew.

But I've also been really lax. : / I only ran once last week, a 5 miler. :( And - even worse- I didn't really do any other exercise. And... such terrible eating habits. Cookies and brownies and cake - it seems to be everywhere!  (And, eventually, in my tummy).  Bah.  

I'm just so DONE with winter. I'm sick of dodging ice patches and trudging through slush and feeling wet and cold and gross all the time. And I've had a lot of extra stuff going on. Other obligations that have been much more time consuming than I first realized.

But I've allowed those things to morph from complications or challenges to excuses and to begin to undo what I've worked so hard on these last few years. 

NO.   Today I said no. No more garbage! No more excuses!

I actually GOT UP this morning when planned. I knew I wouldn't run in the dark and snow, but I was planning on squeezing in a little Jillian Michaels. She packs a punch in 20 minutes. So, anyway, I snoozed my alarm twice and got up and dressed ... 

  [Look at me! Ready to go!]

 And looked outside and saw THIS:

[In case it's not clear, it's a lot of fing snow]
So then I got mad:

And blew off Jillian to shovel. Not a bad workout, although I could have used some more cardio. 

The kids had yet ANOTHER snow day (surprise surprise) but we still had to get to our dentist appointment (when anyone will make 6 back to back or simultaneous appointments for you, you DON'T cancel). After spending oodles of  money at the dentist and setting up a boatload of appointments (that's another post...) I was needing the calming affect of a run. 

I decided to sneak in 3 miles with Perry quick before heading off to work. It was snowy and a bit slippery but someone had plowed at least part of the neighborhood. So off we went. It just felt GOOD to move. Finished with a 10:42 average pace, which is practically a tempo run in these conditions!  Feeling pretty good about it. No adorable wet post-run photos though - had to scoot to work.

I might not be training for anything, but it was sure nice to be reminded why - and how much - I love to run. 

Have you ever found that when needed a great run most, that it came through for you? What do you do if you go too long without a good run to remind you of all the benefits?


  1. Shoveling is a great calorie buster - especially when it's this wet, heavy snow.

    That needed great run for me was my run on Monday when the weather was glorious. Tonight I'll be trudging along on the TM and feeling very sad about it.

    1. I'm still jealous of your Monday run. I never got out there! Hope your TM run goes better than you plan... I'll probably have more to shovel when I get home! What a mess this has been :(