Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If THIS is crazy... Wait until you hear what's coming...

I'm a big fan of catchy titles and phrases. When I started this blog, I wanted a cute title that was generic enough for the blog to be whatever I wanted.  And I wanted the title to match the blog address (I'm anal like that). I tried a ton of different ideas (none of which I can remember) but all the "good" urls were apparently taken.  ;)  At some point I settled on "if this is crazy" and it's worked out. 

The general idea is that people often describe me or my life choices that way - crazy. Usually in a nice (if somewhat baffled) way, but I think many think we are pretty crazy. From adopting, to running, having a large family and being a working mom... there always seems to be something that make some people look at me a little funny.


At some point I decided that if "this" was crazy, I was all in. Because generally speaking, I love my life. :)


Things are about to get crazier.  ;)

We are adopting again.


A quick summary is that we are pursuing the adoption of a specific child, JS, waiting in Colombia.  He is about 4 1/2 years old (a year younger than Ally).  The Colombian adoption process is significantly different from Ethiopia, so we are learning a lot - quickly.  We jumped into the paperwork marathon geared up and ready to go and hope that we can finish things up (on our end) within the next few weeks.  So much yet to do it's hard to keep straight!

But we couldn't be more excited.