Monday, July 30, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 2 Recap - In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This week started out very challenging for me, but ended up great.  [insert sigh of relief]

Monday: 7 miles/done, barely (11:25 min avg pace) - This run was A.W.F.U.L.  I wanted to quit with every.single.step.  I was very proud to finish it, but it was just rotten.  Terrible for the ego. Second guessing this October race...

Tuesday:  3 miles/DONE (10:13 min avg pace) - It was an easy run day and I chose to ignore my Garmin completely. Was very pleased that this was such a comfortable pace. Whew. Needed a little boost after Monday...

Weds:  6 miles, hill intervals/ DONE (9:48 avg pace)- 1 mile warm up and cool down with 4 miles of hill repeats therein. I didn't have the time/opportunity to drive to a nice big hill, but there is a decent one in our neighborhood that worked.  At first I was annoyed, running round and round. Eventually I got in a groove and it felt good to push my effort.  GREAT ego boost. Totally needed that. 9:48 avg pace was pretty awesome, considering that included the warm up/cool down miles AND quite a few uphills. 

Thursday: Rest/DONE - we headed up to my in-laws cabin right after work so I purposely moved workouts around to have a rest day here.
[The pups on the drive up]

Friday: 15 miles/DONE (11:01 avg pace) - What a great long run. Felt very strong throughout. Got a decently early start and enjoyed the cooler temps and slightly overcast skies.  Took Perry for the first 2.5 miles along the lake. We enjoyed watching the fog creep across the water's surface. We did need to pause when about 30 Canadian geese crossed our path and then took flight over the water. Perry liked that.  I took him back to the cabin and knocked out the rest.  A random dog ran along side me for about 3 miles. The company was nice.  Also saw a doe and her fawn and quite a few rabbits. I think I did much better at fueling and hydrating on this run than the last few long ones.  Also, it is amazing how much the higher temps really do me in.The break from the heat was lovely.

Saturday: 3 miles/REST - Spent the day hanging with family and lounging at the beach/on the boat.  Lovely.  :) 

Sunday: Rest/3 miles - Woke up fairly early with Perry and decided to get him out of the house before he woke up everyone else. Dragged him all 3 miles with me. Other than the fact he wanted to sniff everything (and drag me everywhere), it was a nice morning run. 
[Perry, bright eyed and bushy tailed for 3 miles!]

Total:  34 miles

Hit all my workouts this week after all, even with the family vacation in there. Great feeling for this box-checker! :)

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  1. Don't let the bad run shake you. EVERYONE has tough runs sometimes - it is just the way it goes and makes you appreciate the good ones that much more. You are doing great and you will be so ready for the full!! PRomise!! :)