Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's new with you?

Stealing this little "summary" from Denise. :)

As July winds to a close - and summer continues to speed along (!) - I thought it would be nice to pause and take stock of the random things going on!  It's been a busy summer (as always) but overall a fun one.
1 - Lack of routine. This is a constant struggle every summer.  I think that, for the most part, we come up with workable summer routines as best as we are able. But with 5 kids home all day with a sitter (or each other) and Mark and I working, we can only do so much. Couple that with many weekends away or jam-packed and it becomes more difficult.  We're tired!  I know as soon as the school-busy-ness hits again, I"ll mourn these long "lazy" summer days. :)
[lots of swimming this year!]

2 - Sleep.  This is nothing new for most people, especially parents. But as I strive to fit in more miles during the week for my training, I find this is a bigger and bigger struggle for me.  Most days it is too hot even at 8 p.m. for me to run.  There have been many days with an alarm set starting with a "4"... !  I'm mentally not quite okay with that. :) It's getting better though.  But not on nights with crazy thunderstorms. :(
[Seriously tired face]
1- Despite the lack of routine (see above), I think the kids are overall doing really well this summer.  The past few summers have involved ups and downs (some kids more than others) but generally we've been hanging in there. One child in particular needs routine and stability and falls apart quickly without it. But there has been big steps in self-regulation this year. Very proud.

2- And, despite the challenges above, I have been getting my runs in without too much switching around.  I have a healthy fear of this race and cannot stomach skipping runs if I can help it. Even there there have been more than a few I just "didn't wanna."   Consistently getting my lazy but outta bed is a major success in my book!

Projects this month:
1 -   Earlier this month I lost a couple weeks of my life to a part-time job. :) I am working as a grading assistant this summer for a local law school.  I have another round of busy-ness that will be commencing shortly.  I'm thankful for the opportunity, though it was harder than I expected!  I am also thankful for the extra income to put toward our adoption.  We have been very, very blessed for such opportunities.
[summer grading... at least I could get outside a bit!]
2- Mark has kept busy with various around-the-house projects, including a custom built bench for our computer area (hides the computer tower, plugs, and trash can).  He's also planning out new beds and furniture for the kids that need them to accommodate JS when he joins us!

Listening to:  Game of Thrones series via audio books.  I have already listened to all 5 at least once, but several weeks ago started again. I just finished book 4 on my run this morning and started into #5 (again). I have a new audio book "waiting" but I feel compelled to finish what I started.  

From the Library: Skinny Rules and This is Why You're Fat (and how to get thin forever).
I'll be the first one to say that I hate both titles.  These are the kind of books I would have picked up a few years ago, looking for the "thing" to fix my weight problem.  However, I read good reviews on blogs I like for both, so I decided to try. Despite their titles, I think both contain a lot of great factual information.  I still struggle with my eating habits and need to focus on getting more healthy calories in and forgoing the wasted cals.  Hoping these books give me more tools to make better choices. :) I have only read snippets from both, but I like that I can do that and still get something out of it. I don't expect to read either cover to cover and that's okay.
Watching: The Olympics!  We don't have cable or a DVR (just Netflix) and this is the ONE time in the last 18 months I've regretted it!  Fortunately, we can still watch the coverage on NBC, but after years away from live television... it takes some getting used to.  ;)  I"m really looking forward to the marathon this year, but enjoying so many sports - gymnastics, soccer, track/field, volleyball and diving are just a few favorites.

Pondering:  What I want to be when I grow up.  And no, I'm not kidding.  This question is much more loaded at 30 than at 13 (and frankly, it stressed me out even then!)  I'm just keeping my eyes and ears open and praying.  :)

Discussing: Logistics. We have a 3 bedroom house and soon-to-be 6 kids. We made our lives much easier awhile back when Mark and I moved our bedroom into the basement, giving the kids the 3 upstairs bedrooms.  Right now Abi has his own and we need to make adjustments for JS to join him. This requires some bed reorganization.  Which has led us to realize that not only do we need some new beds, we need to so some mattress swapping/acquiring. And with at least 2 kids struggling majorly with allergies, mattress covers became a must. Ugh.  Extra costs abound.

1 - We have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is a wonderful fundraising garage sale put on by my mom (with the "help" of my kids) to raise funds for our adoption.  The sale was more successful than I had dared hope.  Even more, the generosity of so many just filled my heart with hope and peace. Adoption is not an easy thing and there are moments of fear and doubt.  These blessings really help me re-focus in a healthy way. So, so thankful.

 2 - Along the same lines, we found out that our dossier was (finally!) submitted to the ICBF for approval on July 11.  Still haven't heard anything further and approval could take 3 months or more (!) but keeping fingers crossed for news sooner.

What's New:  Poor Ponch tore his ACL. He's been kind of gimpy for awhile, but he's pulled muscles before and healed up. This time he didn't and the vet confirmed it was the ACL. :( Will be a tough few weeks of recovery, but fingers crossed.  He's my first little furbaby, my snuggle buddy and still pretty healthy. I think he can handle it. I just hate to see him hurting.  : /
[Poor sweet baby]

Fun Times:  Last weekend we had a blast with Mark's family at his parents' cabin.  The weather was great and the cousins (and adults!) had so much fun together.  Love this tradition.

Anticipating: Seeing my brother and family this week!  They are visiting from TN and it's been too long. :) Hoping we get a nice beach day.

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  1. I read your blog all the time, Cat (fun to see you "steal" my blog format, I don't even know who reads my blog anymore! Not many). You are an inspiration to be fit! Our new house is VERY close to the White Pine Trail, and I think the fall would be a nice time to start at least walking more for me.

    I, too, struggle with "what I want to do when I'm grown up". I think we all do to some extent.

    I love Bob Harper so I would read that book just because he's on the cover. :D