Monday, July 23, 2012

Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

Well, after a couple of weeks hemming and hawing, I bit the bullet and committed to an Oct marathon! Oct 21 is not terribly far away, so I needed to jump into a training plan feet first.

I was a bit wishy-washy with my plan to start the week, but I think I've settled on the "finish it plan" from Train Like a Mother.  The mileage seems sufficient, but doable, with a little bit of speedwork/hills as I can fit it in. I've already had to monkey around with things - which makes me nervous - but I know I have limits and I'm focused on getting the core workouts in.the nice thing about this plan is that Sarah and Dimity (the authors) have identified the "not to be missed" workouts clearly.  :)

So, here's what week one looked like:

Monday: rest/Jackie Warner ab workout (ouch)
Tuesday: 3 miles/done
Wednesday: 7 miles NS/done... BOOM
Thursday: 6 miles/4.8 rotten, tired, hot miles
Friday: rest/done
Saturday: 14 miles/done, but not pretty
Sunday: rest or cross/1.5 mile shake out run with the dog and light strength

[Whew. A mile and a half might not be far, but 90 degrees make for quick sweaty-ness!]

Not too bad! I think this is my first 30 mile week, so that's pretty exciting.


  1. Cat - I have been training the last few weeks for the Grand Rapids Marathon which apparently is the same day as the Detroit Marathon. If you are ever up for meeting and running together, I would love a little company! And yes, I am a first-timer. The longest race that I have ever done is only a 10k. So you are way ahead of me!

    dawn -

  2. YAY!!! Good for you! October is the best time for a marathon!