Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So when you decide to run a marathon...

So... when you

(a) have publicly committed to running a marathon in just 3 months, and 
(b) the weather is a humid, 90+ degree mess, and
(c) you have an appointment at 8 a.m...

Well, you better set your alarm stinking early to get in that seven mile run. And no snoozing!!!


5 a.m.?  Yep, that requires a bit of coffee.

Seven miles on the schedule. Negative splits, meaning miles 4-6 should be faster than miles 1-3 and mile 7 faster yet.

BAM!  I killed it.  Great run this morning. One of those days were it just felt right and easy (mostly).  I tried to ignore my Garmin other than checking on my pace here and there. But every time I checked, it seemed all over the place? Not sure what's up with that. Seven miles in 1 hr 13 min.  
mile 1 - 11:04
mile 2 - 10:56
mile 3 - 10:57
mile 4 - 10:28
mile 5 - 10:14
mile 6 - 10:15
mile 7 - 9:07

Whew. I was a sweaty mess after that, but felt so good to have that done. Yay!


  1. Great job Cat! This is so awesome!

  2. I totally love your "5am" face! I'm pretty sure I would make that same face, if I ever manage to really get myself out of bed rather than turning off the alarm. And I especially love the "wow that felt good" face after your run. :-) Way to get out there!