Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inch by Inch... Mile by Mile...

Step by step.

Life is funny sometimes.  After all my talk of limbo yesterday, we just found out today that we made another step forward in our process to bring JS home!

Our agency emailed us today to let us know that our dossier was submitted to ICBF on July 11.  Yay - finally done with translations!!!  ICBF is essentially the Colombian child/family welfare institute.  ICBF must confirm that we are suitable adoptive parents for a Colombian child. 

No idea how long that will take.  Sigh. : /

But THEN we should receive our "formal" referral - this is when Colombia sends us the packet of info on JS and we are able to "officially" accept the referral and (re)establish our intent to make him part of the family!  From that point, we submit more documents to USCIS (US immigration) and it will probably be another 8 weeks (?) before we travel.

So... still very hopeful to be in Colombia by the end of the year!

Step by step. We're getting there...

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