Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Things I've learned this week...

Week 1 of Marathon Training and I've already learned so much!

(1) Stick to the schedule if you can - I was a little wishy-washy about my training schedule at the start of the week (still am, admittedly).  As a result, I didn't run Monday (per my original plan), but ran T, W and Th. My "new" plan would have had me run M, T and Th.  Anyhoo, that would have put a rest or cross train day between yesterday's epic 7 miles and today's disastrous 6 (I mean 4.8... cuz that's when I stopped). I know I need a rest day before Saturday's long run, so tomorrow is a big fat lazy day. I'm okay with that. :)
Lesson (1)(b) - despite the plan, listen to your body. My revised plan called for 6 miles today. I didn't have it in the tank and cut out short of 5.  It only bothered me for a few minutes.  :) Hoping that Saturday's run is better for it.

(2) Humidity Sucks - Today was the coolest it's been (70ish?) and it was even sprinkling (joy!) but today's run felt terrible!  Then I checked - 91% humidity. What?!?!?  No wonder I couldn't breathe.  Ick.

 Lesson (2)(b) - Rain is awesome, especially when you have barely seen a drop in 2 months.  Usually, I HATE running in the rain (snow is fine) but my grass is dead and brown and I miss seeing green!  In order to tempt fate to continue to rain all day, I continued my run despite the rain AND I didn't bring my umbrella to work.  That should do it.  (update - just checked - it is currently pouring.  YAY)

[view of rainy downtown]

(3) Food as Fuel is Harder Than I Thought - Knowing that my mileage is going up steadily for the next 12+ weeks, I'm pushing myself to focus on eating healthier for the purpose of fueling those miles (rather than "losing weight"). Honestly, it's already been more challenging than I expected. As I've expressed before, I've let some healthy habits fall by the wayside and have well... kind of enjoyed eating more or less what I want because I run enough to maintain the weight I've already lost.  And what I have wanted has included far too many empty calories. Boo.  :(  This goal is going to take weeks of work (or at least, paying more attention...) before it feels natural I think.  But it's important for me, marathon or no. Bagels and beer will not be kind to me much further into my 30s, I'm quite sure. :)

Love me some green smoothies and this chocolate almond milk is incredible.  So there's that. 

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