Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with a Whimper

Soooo... I am already struggling with my January challenge (thank goodness it's not January yet!) and I didn't get up today to run (again). Boo. 

So, I dutifully packed up my running clothes, planning to go out a lunch today. My morning at work came and went quickly and it was well after 12 before I knew it. I was already making excuses. There was much I could get done by working through lunch, yada yada. Instead, I heaved a big sigh and went to change. At that point, I started feeling excited. I needed the fresh air! This latest cold has been pretty rotten and I've been feeling awful for days. I finally felt passable today and decided I didn't want to let 2012 end without a run.  So I went.
[Don't I look all shiny and full of hope?]
 Well, I headed out on my old lunch route, which was nice since I haven't run downtown in AGES.  Quite a bit of the sidewalks were unshoveled though, and it was a little dicey. However, it quickly became apparent that wasn't going to be my biggest problem. 

My feet went numb. Like, really really badly. I had to keep going because I was already a ways away from work and needed to get back, so cutting the run short wasn't really an option. But it just got worse and worse. I had to walk here and there, trying to shake it out (whatever "it" is).  Finally, I just had to walk for about a 1/2 mile. Eventually, my feet did come back to feeling normal and I ran the last 1/2 mile or so in, feeling strong. Thankful to end on a high note, but the rest of the run was just crummy. :(
[angry face during my walk of shame]

I'm actually proud of myself for stopping to walk. I know it was the smart thing to do. But I'm really frustrated. This was my first run in awhile where I wasn't feeling really winded and icky and then to run into the feet problems... 

Unfortunately, I fear the culprit may be my new shoes:

The offenders?
I bought the Altras after my marathon and before I went to Colombia after a lot of research. I have been wanting to get away from the high heel drop of my old Adrenalines and these seemed like a good option for me. In fact, when I brought them home and tried them on, I sighed with happiness. They just felt SO comfortable. I wore them for a LOT of walking in Colombia. I know there is a transition period with these shoes so I thought I would strengthen my calves by walking since I couldn't run. I never had any calf pain (which is common when moving to a zero drop) but every time I have run in them I have had at least some slight lingering hip pain. Today my hip was grumbling from the start, despite the fact I haven't run since last Wednesday! It doesn't really add up, but something for me to think about.

I admit, I'm a little sad to end the year on such a craptastic run. I mean, 2012 was a big running year for me! 25k and marathon races were HUGE events for me.But the last few weeks have been tough and 2013 will start much slower than I'd hoped.

Yet, I'm thankful. I'm still here, I'm still running, injury-free. I'll get back there..2013 will be better yet!

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  1. You got out there today and ran, which is more than a lot of people would say.

    2012 was really an amazing year for you and 2013 is only going to bring more joy to you and your family.

    Happy New Year, Cat!