Friday, December 28, 2012

Change... and a Challenge

[morning journaling]

As Christmas festivities wind down and the new year looms, the word "change" seems to come to the forefront of my consciousness. I'm not one to set myself "resolutions" every year (although I do occasionally).  Even if I don't lay out specific goals for myself, the idea of starting fresh, of becoming better, takes up residence in my mind.

But I've been thinking about other changes as well.

With adding to our family, you would think "change" is the word of the month around here. And yet, it's not. Such a big change in theory has caused barely a blip in our daily lives. Jhon has settled in with us with such ease, it's like he's always been here. Like there was always this place waiting for him and now it's filled. I was all geared up for this major life change. It's almost been anti-climatic (albeit in a good way!). 

And there are other changes. Things that change nothing, but change everything. A new piece of knowledge and suddenly your world has completely shifted - everything is different! - but the rest of the world continues on with their daily lives, completely unaffected. How to process this?

[That probably all seems completely random, but it makes sense to me and it's my blog.]

This morning after Mark left for work, I pulled out a new journal and started writing my random, whirlwind thoughts. I haven't done this in well over a year. It was messy, confusing and therapeutic. It was necessary. Change comes, whether we want it or not. The changes we need to make seem to come hard. The changes we want to avoid are so often thrust upon us. 

I need to take some time to reflect each day and work through these changes and challenges.  I need to take time to focus myself on my goals and my health (physical, mental, spiritual).  I simply need to stop and center myself each day before the hustle and bustle of life takes over.

So, I'm taking on Amanda's 5 minute challenge.  

photo credit: Run to the Finish

Amanda has challenged her readers to:
Challenge: 5 minutes upon waking spent saying affirmations, creating a gratitude list, meditating, or free writing. 

That simple. The idea being it is completely attainable - only 5 minutes. And it's a small thing to change, yet creates a wonderful habit. 

I love it. I need it. 

So I started today. I cheated and spent much more than 5 minutes. Mostly because I had more than 5 minutes (unusual) and because I needed more today. I already feel better.

I plan to expand on her challenge slightly. For January, I am going to focus on simply getting up when I need to get up (as determined the night before). That means I set a plan and actually follow through. Lately, I have laid out running clothes at night, only to turn off my alarm come the morning. Then I'm running around, late and frustrated, when I could have gotten in a workout, some personal reflection, and a cup of coffee. 

January will be focused on setting myself up for success in the most basic and important way possible - starting the day right

[Perry got tired of waiting for me to finish writing this morning...]

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  1. I love what you said about setting yourself up for success, and following through. I think I will copy your challenge for myself :-)