Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go... Well, easy go at least.

Post 6 miles first full weekend home from Colombia.
 Tired, but pleased.

It's been a wonderful, weird year. Coming off some serious training which culminated in the Detroit Marathon, I went from 30-40 mile weeks to zilch.  It was a necessary evil to prepare for Colombia and then running in Colombia just never quite worked out. Then I came home and jumped right into two weeks of various sickness and craziness. I could go on with excuses, but it doesn't matter. The long and short is that I've barely run for 2 months and it sucks. 

I've been trying to just ignore pace, etc, and GET OUT THERE but this is harder than I expected. It feels so hard. Three "easy" miles aren't easy. A six mile run feels oh-so-long. Frankly, it's kind of depressing. It took SO LONG to build up that endurance and it slips away so very quickly. 

Although I feel like I'm starting over, it is much different from "starting." When I started running, the thought of running a mile straight was overwhelming. I knew I *could* work up to three miles, but it seemed so impossible for so long. Beyond three miles? Crazy talk.  However, now I know it is possible. Not easy perhaps, but possible

So, I just have to do it again. Deep breath and GO.

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