Monday, February 4, 2013

Bayshore Training Wk 3 - Buried Alive!

Well, feeling more or like myself again (although not quite 100%), it was time to get back into training. It was a pretty bizarre week weather-wise. Monday the kids had a snow day, presumably due to the icy rain that was falling early. However, that abated rather quickly and turned into regular rain, washing all the snow away and the air warmed up oddly. I was busy catching up on work and had a lunch appt so I snuck in 4 miles after work (a time I rarely run). I had 5 on the plan, but I needed to see my kids a bit. :) I took Perry with me and tired him out. I ran in capris and without a jacket. So odd.

On Wednesday I did 5 miles in the rain over my lunch break. Soggy, but done.
Thursday involved another "runch," this time in a snow storm. For realz. Tough run, but pretty bad$$.  Friday was a rest day as planned, but not particularly restful since it was school carnival night. I know my kids love that stuff but ugh. The general claustrophobic-ness combined with the fact that I still can't hear out of one ear...? Not cool.

Saturday was a busy day, but I really wanted to get my long run in. I dragged myself out of bed, knowing I had 10 miles on the agenda. I wasn't scared of the 10 miles (although that's the longest I've run in a long time). I was just having trouble leaving a warm bed to run in the freezing darkness. I peek outside and see about a foot of new fallen, powdery snow EVERYWHERE. ugh. :( I know that nothing will be plowed this early.  

[quite the winter wonderland]

>> Side note <<  I hear Perry start to growl low in his throat so I look outside again. Someone is out "walking" her dog. And by walking, I mean her rat terrier is off-leash and running up into my yard (which is set quite a ways from my house) and proceeds to poop in my front yard, right in front of the window where my dogs are watching and getting very upset. I am trying to keep them quiet (kids are still sleeping). I walk out onto my front porch and yell down to the lady, asking if this is her dog (she was at least a house ahead at this point, paying no attention to it). She mumbles something like "oh yes, bad dog" but does not apologize, offer to clean up, nothing. I am livid and yell something about leash laws. Then I go back into the house before I say something I'll regret.  What is WRONG with people? 

[I dressed warm!]
So, I try and calm down and finish getting ready. I warm up with coffee, have a light breakfast and generally procrastinate. I know it's going to be a tough run (Thursday's was pretty exhausting and this is MUCH worse) but I finally drag myself out.  There were a few faint vehicle tracks and I tried to run in those. After awhile I was able to fashion a loop around my neighborhood. Much shorter than the path I usually take, but the other streets did not even have car tracks to aim for. So I just looped and looped... and looped. I had to keep an eye on the time since I had a wedding shower to get to.  I finally had to quit at just over 8 miles. :( It took me as long to run 8+ as it usually does 10!  I was disappointed to not hit my mileage goal, but I think the additional effort in running through so much fresh powder (which is a lot like running in sand) off-sets the shortened distance. Fortunately, I wasn't sore. I wish I had taken a few photos while running - it was incredibly gorgeous, with so much snow sitting on the tree branches and falling in thick, heavy flakes. Alas, ti took all my effort to keep one foot in front of the other. :)

Sunday I had planned to go to a spin class with a friend, but it didn't quite work out. Instead I cleaned/organized the basement and my room for hours. I think I'm counting that as cross training. :) We had a mini Super Bowl party with the kids which basically just consisted of junk food, but they had fun. :) All in all, the weekend blew by so quickly! Whew.

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  1. I can attest to how hard that snow was to run in. You may not have hit your miles goal but you certainly put in the effort.

    As for the lady with the dog? Do rude.