Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice encrusted run

Here's a secret. I didn't want to run today. Actually, that is true many days.  Well, not exactly. I don't want to start running. It's the starting that is usually the hardest. The stopping what your are doing (or getting out of bed), getting dressed and heading into the cold. I've been shuffling runs a bit all week and missed Tuesday completely, so I needed to go today.  As I headed to the bathroom to change at lunch, this is what I saw out the window:
And this on my way outside:  
 (It wasn't quite this dark, the photo is misleading)

It was really coming down! That lake effect can do us in now and then. I silently cursed myself for forgetting my YaxTrax and headed out. I turned on my Garmin but it was taking forever to get a signal, so I just took off, planning to stick to my general route. 

It was beautiful and cold and wet. Frankly, kind of a slog. The snow was so deep along the sidewalk, I often felt like I was shuffling along instead of running nimbly!  Mid-way through I was cursing myself for not taking a shorter route. But I was stuck, so I kept going. 

 By the end I was glad I had gone. Felt so good to have a solid run done and out of the way. And it feels kind of bada$$ to run in a snow storm. :)  The end.

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