Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meeting my son

It is an incredible and bizarre thing, to meet a child you have only known on paper. I've written about it before, with our other three.

Meeting JS was completely different and remarkably the same. The process itself is very different. We dressed up formally and met with many people from ICBF, including Js's social worker. We learned about his schedule, some likes and some history

Then they gave us private time with him. He walked in looking shell shocked and unimpressed. Can't blame him but a bit worrisome! He did not warm up much during the meeting but eventually consented to sit on my lap for a photo. We can't share any photos publicly yet since the adoption is pending.

After the meeting we took a taxi back to the hostel. He fell asleep on Mark briefly. Upon arrival, I let him pick out a bag of chips (he chose cheetos) and he warmed up considerably. He's been quite the chatter box ever since. He was very good last night. A couple meltdowns today but pretty minor.

It's going better than I dared hope. We walked along the river this morning and then went in town for lunch. It was quite a bit of activity, but he's definitely an active boy!

He was upset when we left town and there were some tears. But he fell asleep in my arms, giving me time to type this badly with one hand! He needs to wake up soon but the quiet moments are nice. He has much to grieve and we've barely begun.


  1. Hi Cat, First off, congratulations! I am so happy and I can't wait to see a picture of JS. I'm curious, is he staying with you fully now for the remainder of your time in Colombia? Or must you wait until the adoption is final? I am probably more out of touch with this process than some others...and I just find myself very curious. -Charissa

  2. aHHHHH, just a deep sigh of happiness for you :-)