Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First impressions, things I love about Colombia...

<p>And things I miss.... </p>
<p>First, things I love:<br>
*JS :-)&nbsp; (obviously) <br>

*The country /land - it is so incredibly beautiful and difficult to describe. If you stand still for even a moment, the world comes alive around you, animals, insects etc

*the people! Most everyone has been wonderful and patient with our language.

*my Spanish... Is slowly improving.

*bread - seriously, to die for

*food generally has been very good. Love it all so far

*our hotel - Casa del Rio. Seriously awesome. I asked Mark his thoughts. He said "the life. From the jungle into town, everything is so vibrant and full of life." So true. Like we live a muted life at home. P. S. While writing the above, a bunch of monkeys showed up. New favorite :-) Things I miss or could do without? *I really miss my other kids. It's very hard to be away and just the beginning... * the weather is both awesome and terrible. :-) mostly I love it but turns me into a sweaty mess. *the millions of ants kind of suck. But mostly really love it here.

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