Wednesday, October 17, 2012

USCIS Approval!

Well, after all my whining yesterday, we got some good news - today our preliminary USCIS approval came in! This is pretty big news. Essentially, the US government gave us preliminary approval for JS's visa (which he can't actually get until the adoption is legally completed in Colombia - hence the preliminary approval). 

Our I800 was sent out Sept 27 and received in the "lock box" on Sept 28. Since our approval came today (10/17) that's about 18 days. We were expecting 14-21, so it was well within the range (despite this, I have been super antsy since Friday).

Once we got this approval today, I was able to email our DS-230 to the US Embassy in Bogata.  This is an application for an immigrant visa for JS.  The Consular Officers reviews JS's information and evaluates for possible visa ineligibilities.  If he is eligible to immigrate (and there is no reason he should not be), the Consular's office notifies ICBF with what is known as the "Article 5 letter" or simply "Article 5."  (see summary here).  This review process typically takes around a week.

Typically, the receipt of the Article 5 is the go ahead to travel!  With travel dates following only 2 or 3 weeks later!  We are so close!


We still don't know how the judicial strike will affect things. We might have all our approvals as far as immigration goes, but no functioning court to approve/finalize the adoption itself. We just don't know.  


We can't do anything about that. One thing at a time. USCIS approval is huge. Article 5 should be forthcoming. So we hope and pray that the rest sorts itself out. We so, so want JS home for Christmas. 

All prayers are appreciated.

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