Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Potential Delays and a Cranky-Pants (Overwhelmed Pt 2)

(2) Judicial Strike and Unknown Implications.  Over the weekend we read a news story about a judicial strike in Colombia.  Essentially, judges and workers are on strike, holding out for better wages and a bigger budget for the branch. No one knows much about what the implications are. Yesterday was a holiday in Colombia. Hoping our agency hears more today. If the courts are not operating, they will obviously not be processing adoption paperwork. Which, I can only assume, means that we may not be able to travel to Colombia until it is all sorted out.  While I am extremely thankful that this did not occur while we were in Colombia, I am worried. I assume any length of time would back-up the court systems, which throws our already precarious travel plans back... 

On one hand, we heard there are still some courts operating today.  We don't know which/how many, or for how long. This article indicates that 90% of all cases have ground to a halt. I suppose 10% better than 0.

On the other hand, we also heard that the last similar strike was in 2008 and lasted 44 days. Boo.

I'm doing my best not to get ahead of myself. Nothing is ever guaranteed in international adoption. We know this.  Yet, I had gotten my heart set on having JS home for Christmas. It's a lot to take in. Also, there are other families currently in Colombia, in the middle of their court process who are now stuck. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. Families were also stranded back in 2008.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is the fact that I am surprised. We encountered some fairly major, unusual and unexpected delays in both our previous adoptions.  For example, we were told that we were the "worst case scenario" example after our delays for Abi and Hana. Then our delays for Selam were over twice as long. Seriously.   One major upside for us in choosing Colombia this time was the relative stability of the program. Except that life goes on ticking for everyone whether we are adopting or not. And that means things can go wrong. For us. Every time. UGH.

[As another side note, I do understand there may be valid reasons for the strike and that this may be completely justified. I have no idea. This post is solely devoted to MY selfish disappointment with the potential delay. It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.  *End disclaimer*]

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