Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lack of Focus and Zac Efron (Overwhelmed Pt 1)


Word of the day. Week. Maybe even month!

I've had all this random stuff going on, all these things I want to blog about - or even to just stop and *think* about - and yet there just seems to be too much!

There's this little thing. This marathon. In 5 days.  And I'm kind of freaking out.

And there's some not-so-little things.  Adoption timeline ticking. Judicial unrest in Colombia. At-home crazies.  Things that are much, much bigger than a stupid race.

So, of course, I spend half the night last night worried about my race outfit. Priorities.

Not-that-I-use-petty-things-to-distract-me-from-stressful-situations.  Not me. 


Maybe I should just take a deep breath and try a little "Three Things Thursday" ... on Tuesday.  'Cuz, ya know, I'm overwhelmed and can't wait until Thursday.  ;)  So, here's three really long ramble-y things!

{Edited to add that I rambled SO much, I had to make it separate posts!}

(1) My grand plan - backfired.  Originally, I signed up for this marathon in part to distract me from this last tough part of the adoption waiting game.  I have always really sucked at maintaining dignity patience and thought that having this other goal to focus on would be helpful.  And, I admit, I hoped in the back of my mind that we would be in Colombia and I wouldn't even get to run it. I mean, isn't that how you tempt the universe? Sign up and pay for something so mountains are moved and you can't do it after all?  ;)  

Well, it mostly worked!  I have been pretty running focused for months (obviously this is well known if you actually do READ this blog anymore...).  I've been able to distract myself somewhat from diligently religiously manically tracking the dates of all our various adoption milestones and focused more on a running countdown to race day.

Until we finally got our referral. And a lot of stuff started happening quickly. Then I had to shift gears and put the race/running on the back burner. Which is great.  

Except it's made me kind of a mental mess.  I'm not in Colombia as I"d hoped. I'm running on Sunday. And I've got to get my head in the game (cue Zac Efron...).


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