Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delighted Disbelief

I wrote briefly about how the judiciary in Colombia has been on strike. So, although we were ecstatic to receive our USCIS approval last week, we were still very skeptical (but hopeful!) about traveling this year. On Friday evening, we received an email from our agency, describing how the strike had not been resolved like everyone had hoped and is in decidedly full swing. Families were warned to travel at their own risk - no guarantees that the courts would process any cases.  

We were heartbroken. 

We knew we did not have the wiggle room with either our family or professional lives to handle an indefinite stay in Colombia. With our processing falling so close to the end of the year, our window of opportunity was nearly closed.  I did my best to put this from my mind and focus on my race, but it was difficult. In truth, I spent part of the weekend simply accepting that JS would not be with us for Christmas after all.  Ugh.

I finally summoned up the courage to email our agency on Monday, asking what our "drop dead date" was to receive good news this year.  To my surprise, the below email followed later that day:

Strike is over in Putamayo!!!!!  I just heard and I’ll get you the details soon.  [The lawyer] is connecting with the Embassy now to see if the Article 5 is ready, so travel is back on for your family!   YAY!!!!

[Putumayo is the region in which JS lives and where his case will be processed]

Isn't that incredible! We went from no-go to go-now in just days!  Although we don't have a final, official go-ahead yet, we are being told to leave Nov 8 or 9.  TWO WEEKS?! Happy birthday to ME!  Wahooooooo!

JS is coming home!

[We can't share photos of him publicly until the courts have approved the adoption, 
but here is a sneak peak at his smiling eyes!  :) ]

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