Monday, August 13, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 4 Recap - Negative Splits, Cross Fit and RAIN

Mileage was a little lower this week and, admittedly, the break was appreciated.


Monday: fun workout / nada (unless cleaning counts?)


Tuesday: 5 miles, mid 3 RP/ done - My goal was mile warm up and cool down with the mid-3 miles at race pace of 10:30.  It didn't quite work out that way, but I ended up with some nice negative splits!  10:43, 10:20, 10:16, 10:00 and 9:50. Felt very rested and energized and hit those paces fairly easily. Nice confidence boost.

Wednesday: Rest or XT / beginner cross-fit work out.  I'm super-intrigued by cross fit work outs and, if I had unlimited financial resources, would love to join a CF gym. Well, right now there is no time or money, so I'm making do. :) Found a 2 week beginner CF workout program that I'm going to sprinkle in for now. Also found this guide that I want to look through. Maybe after the marathon I'll look into this a bit more seriously. I'm a teensy bit afraid I'll hurt myself. :) But Wednesday included 3 rounds of 10 burpees, 20 squats and 30 situps.  I struggled with form/execution on the burpees, but (sadly) I think the sit ups hurt the worst.  : /

Thursday: 7 miles (NS 3,3,1) / Done! Splits: first 3 miles 33:17 (11:04, 11:09, 11:04); second 3 miles 31:32 (10:45; 10:26: 10:21); last mile 9:07.  Last mile was fun, but a challenge.  :)

Friday: 2-3 miles / 3.2 WET miles done!

Saturday: 14 miles, 20 min strong finish / done!  This run felt really good overall. I walked while taking Gu and a few other times, but mostly the running felt good. Some slight right knee pain (I whacked it with the van door) and some twinges in the foot that bothered me all day, but then went away. All in all, great.  Average pace of 11:10, but last 2 miles were 10:18 and 9:53. Very pleased. 

[One of my favorite running paths, part of Saturday's 14 miler]

Sunday: Rest / DONE.

Total Miles: 29/29

[that's for all you out there still reading. And poor Mark. :)  ]

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