Friday, August 10, 2012

Drowned Rat? Or Badass?


Friday.  Easy 2-3 mile run on my schedule. Nice way to cap off the work week.  No need to wake up super early.  Except...

I got up late. It is POURING rain. And did I mention I was late?

No run.

Oh well. It's only 2-3 miles. I can skip it.  Not going to make or break training.

As I'm getting ready for work, it's still gnawing at me. So I throw in some running clothes in a bag. Maybe the rain will let up and I can scoot out at lunch.

Morning ticks by.  The pounding of the rain echos on our ceiling.  : /

I h.a.t.e running in the rain. With a passion. Yeah, I can skip this.

Then I get a text from S:
"I went running in the rain! It was fun"


I can't be outdone by a 15 year old. :)

   Contemplating the run. Not excited. 
But hey, it's only 3 miles right?
(why does this resemble a mug shot?)

I HATE wearing hats when I have short hair. Hate it.  You know what I hate more? Smeared mascara. 
Hat it is.


Soaked. to. the. bone.  What a great run.  No Garmin, no ipod, no phone, nothing.  Pre-mapped course of 3 miles in my head and soaking wet shoes to get me through it. After the first major mud puddle, does it really matter?  I actually fell into one that was ankle deep.  Kid you not.  This may be the ONLY time I have run downtown and not seen a SINGLE other runner. 

You know what that makes me?  


A crazy, wet drowned rat badass, but still.

Toweled off, changed, back to work I go!

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