Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anticipation and Nerves...

When training for a distance race - especially your first of that distance - each week is a bit exciting.  Your long runs slowly tick up in length and so each one is a new distance PR!  I frequently notice that on Friday, my mind drifts to my run Saturday, slowly wrapping itself around the new distance and getting excited!

Yesterday, I was not nervous about running today, despite the fact that I chose to fuel last night primarily with a sensible dinner and a cocktail Doritos and beer.  Ugh. Now, as I sit with my coffee, those choices seem rather... stupid. :) My excitement to run has started to wan and my anxiety creeps in. 

     Seventeen miles?  That's a long ways. Easily 3+ hours for my slow legs.

     But, hey, I just ran 16 miles two weeks ago!  This is just one more.

     Yeah, and how did that 16 miler go?  Blech.

     Well, it was really hot that day.

I'm not sure that having conversations with myself in my mind are a great way to start a long run. :) But you know what is also not great for my psyche?

Putting on my spibelt after my skinny-mini 15 year old has borrowed it.  Yeah, not cool. Not cool at all.

Ah well. Time to begin. 

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