Monday, June 11, 2012

Soccer, Swimming, Old Friends and Date Night

What a great weekend. After work Friday, we took the kids to Costco for some much-needed grocery shopping and pizza. Always a winning combo. :)  This was followed by some family outside time - basketball (me and Abi vs Hana and Selam), bikes and ripstiks, and rock coloring. 

Saturday started bright and early with a morning run (2 miles for Perry, 4 miles for me). Then I headed to a Body Pump class taught by my talented neighbor.Whew! What.A.Workout! Intense - I still hurt.Then we headed to soccer. Hana's team finished strong and she scored a couple of great goals. I'm so proud of her. She's gotten a lot of attention for her soccer skills for the past year and it's just been wonderful for her self esteem. Abi's team played 2 games and won 1. He played really well and has really gotten strong on defense. What a great season.

But man was it H.O.T. Fortunately, soccer was followed by a team pool party!  We all wore ourselves out in the sun and headed home later that afternoon. The rest of Saturday was pretty lazy.  Love.

Sunday was hectic and fun! We headed to my hometown for a BBQ with my best friends.  Babies galore!  There were at least 5 babies 6 months old or less, plus toddlers and kiddos! So fun. The time sped by and then we had to rush our kids to my mom's. Those lucky ducks are off camping with their grandparents for a few days.  To say they were excited is an understatement.  :)
(Al and Hana enjoying the sunset with grandma)

Mark and I rushed home to let the poor dogs out. But we decided we had to take advantage of our kid-free state and went out kayaking for the evening.  Beautiful night.

  (some little duck friends!)

Epic weekend.

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