Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Goals... Bah.

Unlike January, my February goals really went down the tubes.  I was aware of this while it was happening, yet grew very apathetic (hence why they went down the tubes!).  I'll do a brief run-down and hope that it serves to be motivating rather than depressing...

  • Lose 4 lbs.
    • Ack.  Well, in all fairness, I DID meet this goal. About 15 days into the month! Unfortunately, lazy habits of caused some to come back. Since it's a leap year (!) I'm going to do a final weigh in tomorrow and see. Hoping to see a 3 lb total loss. Would be happy with that. 

    • Bah.  Another one that I did great on for about 2 weeks. Then, it just didn't seem important. I didn't "cave" because I wanted one so badly. I just didn't care. I haven't been drinking them daily again, but probably more than I would care to. I think I'm just going to make a point to keep this habit limited. Not sure I'm ready to just give it up. I actually really enjoy pop, even though I realize it's not good for me. 

  • Re-evaluate 25k Riverbank Run Training and then STICK.TO.THE.PLAN. (likely to include 4 long runs, running 4 days/week and at least 1 day with cross training) 
    • I was a rockstar for 2 weeks. Last half of the month? Boo. We've been busy (more on that later) so I haven't beaten myself up about it too much. Mostly I just want to remember how GOOD I feel when I am working out regularly, so working on getting back to this. 

  • Be able to do 30 consecutive push-ups by month-end (achievable by regular strength training)
    • I'll give this a go tonight and we'll see. I think I'd be happy with 20.

  •  Complete at least 3 books (at least one non-fiction)
    • It was a month of starts and stops.  I read most of Bart Yasso's My Life on the Run, but had to get it back to the library. I have read parts of various other books, but nothing in full.  
    • Well, I DID finish the 5th Game of Thrones book (via audio book) AND watched the first season on HBO. So good.  He better not take another 6+ years to write the sixth book!  

  •  Take the stairs at work (full 11 flights) 2x per week; and at least 4 flights 2 more times.
    • I did pretty good on this one and I would say over the course of the month I met this goal through averages at least. A few weeks were less intense but others I took all 11 flights 4+ times! I will keep working on this. 

And that's it!  Not impressive, although I'm not depressed. I thought I set some very reachable goals and expected to have no problems meeting them. Yet, a few things took my attention elsewhere and I'm okay with that.  My bigger challenge is to manage those "attention grabbers" and to still fit in the basics - healthy eating and regular exercise. Balance is tricky, but I'll keep plugging away...

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  1. OH, the balance game...it is indeed so tricky! Once you lose your balance...it seems easier to fall than to fight to stay on at times huh?

    I think that you did a great job this past month...keep it up...lots of good vibes coming your way:)