Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goal Check-in ... Accountability is a B$@!h

First, quick THANK YOU for the support on this post (as well as on Facebook)!  It felt so good to share my joy with "you" all and your support has meant a ton.  :)

Second... I need a goal check in.  I admit, this is mainly due to the fact that I am restraining myself from grabbing a Diet Coke right now.  :(  Ugh.  So, a little accountability is exactly what I need... 

  • Lose 4 lbs.
    • Down 2 so far!  Wahoo! 

    • Double ugh. See above - I did SO good for the first week. It wasn't even that hard.  Then, last Sunday I had a long drive alone and was feeling very "off" and tired.  I grabbed a pop.  Then, was feeling that way yesterday and did it again.  Shoot!  One mistake isn't so bad, but 2 in only 9 days. Dangitall.  Back on the wagon.  Say it with me: I-don't-need-diet-coke-I-don't-need-diet-coke.

  • Re-evaluate 25k Riverbank Run Training and then STICK.TO.THE.PLAN. (likely to include 4 long runs, running 4 days/week and at least 1 day with cross training) 
    • Not doing too bad here!  I actually sat and drew up a full training schedule through May... but, realistically, I can't always predict when I will be able to fit things in during the week.  I have not consistently been getting my runs in before work (the snooze is killer).  I have stuck to my plan on total mileage and long runs (well, for the last week!), which is my main goal for now.

  • Be able to do 30 consecutive push-ups by month-end (achievable by regular strength training)
    • I haven't really started the core/strength routine I had planned but have been keeping up on push ups fairly regularly.  Still within reach! 

  • Complete at least 3 books (at least one non-fiction)
    • Bit of a slow start! I've got too many things going and likely none will get done!
  • Take the stairs at work (full 11 flights) 2x per week; and at least 4 flights 2 more times
    • On Feb 1 I made sure to take all 11 flights right away - and then forgot the rest of the week!  I did do at least 4 flights every day last week and have already done 11 flights twice this week. On average, not too shabby. :) 
Well, I still want a pop but I think the worst of the craving has passed.  Whew. 


  1. Do you drink tea? My pop (or "soda" as I must call it now as an East Coast resident) craving in the early afternoon is generally just a caffeine craving and I've found that a cup of caffeinated tea w/ a bit of sugar or honey is an easy fix that's relatively calorie free. Overall it looks like you're doing great though!

  2. Accountability is indeed a b@#$h :) Good for you for sticking to it!