Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Most Random Places...

While reading Stuart Little at bedtime, Hana questioned how I knew what chapter we were on since the chapters weren't numbered.  I explained that I knew how to read roman numerals.  I told her that I could teach her, if she was interested.  She, Grace and Selam immediately asserted that they wanted to learn. (Abi and Al did too, but mostly to feel included I think). ;)

But still, so funny to see them excited about something so random!  Now I'll have to brush up... I haven't had to know beyond "X" in quite some time!


  1. you would not believe how many of my High School students can't read Roman numerals (or a non-digital clock... but that's another rant...). Our text often talks about "century XIV" and the student reading aloud almost always stops and just looks at me waiting to fill in the appropriate words. sigh...