Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions, Goals and Desires for 2013 (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

First, I decided my word for 2013 is DELIBERATE.  I want to act deliberately this year, both in working toward my goals and just in general, as a way to help me further enjoy my very full and blessed life. :) 

[Selam and I on NYE.  Love this girl.]

With that as a backdrop, I have been thinking about more specific goals or resolutions and whether or not I wanted to make them.  I was concerned about making these vague, overreaching resolutions that were difficult to quantify. Yet, I struggle with making very specific goals (e.g. run a 9 minute mile or lose 7 pounds or get a new job doing x, y, z).  I have no idea what this year holds on many levels and various changes in one area of my life (e.g. career) have a significant impact on other (e.g. longer hours leaves less time for training, etc).


I decided to pull out a few major areas of my life that I want to focus on in some way/shape/form this year. Each month, I will give myself mini-quantifiable goals in some or all of these categories:

Health & Nutrition
Running & Fitness

One goal may even apply to different categories. For example, I have already challenged myself to get up when I need to get up in the morning and spend at least 5 minutes praying, writing or otherwise setting myself up for the day in a positive way. The simple act of actually getting up when my alarm goes off allows me to (1) get my workout done in the morning (Running & Fitness), (2) gives me time to reflect and pray (Spiritual), and (3) avoids me running late and getting stressed with the kids (Relationships).

I'm feeling really positive about this manner of goal-setting this year! I hope to sit down and quantify a few goals for January soon. I will have to be deliberate about that though - time sure can get away from me! :)

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