Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of Bogota

On Friday, we all called it a night early. The rain was still pounding down and the kids were pretty worn out. Before that, we discussed a few ideas for something fun to do Saturday. Being a weekend, we had no appointments to work around and this is the last weekend here for us (I hope!) and one of the other families (they hope!).  :) 

So, Saturday dawned sunny and bright. Jhon slept in, so we didn't even leave our room until well after 8:30.  We woke up to find that the other families had a pretty tough night. It seems that a stomach bug started making the rounds. Ugh.  There went our group plans of an outing!  Sure, Jhon and I (who - thankfully - have thus far avoided any issues) could have gone out by ourselves. But last week was so exhausting, I think we both needed some down time.  I let him watch a little more TV than usual (Phineas and Ferb and the Anamaniacs are current favorites) and he colored and played and painted. I read a ton and chatted with Mark a bit. It was just what we needed.

Then 5 p.m hit and we both had major cabin fever. So I said we're going to the park!  Most of the others were feeling better and decided to go with us. We were excited to see that ALL of the lights were on!  Boy, if we thought the other night was beautiful... well, I had no idea. Bogota is kind of a "fancy" city. People are often dressed to the nines at any given moment. Bogota doesn't do anything half way and Christmas lights are no exception.  I believe there are a number of parks across the city that are also decked out. We're hoping to see some of them before we head home. 
So, the kids had a chance to run and play and burn some energy. And so did I!  Jhon and I did some running/chase game. Whew!  I can really tell I haven't run in a month. :( And this altitude is seriously brutal. Can't wait to get home and back on a training plan!  But it was a ton of fun. And as darkness fell, the lights just came alive around us. It was truly magical.  

An almost-quiet moment where Jhon consented to hold still for a photo....

Another attempt.

My favorite tree

Aaaaaand.... photos with Jhon typically involve a few outtakes. Here is a sampling:

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