Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Consent obtained... We're coming home!

That's right. We're coming home!

I got an update late last night that our lawyer was able to get the Judge to sign an amendment to our judgment of adoption. He then went to get a new birth certificate (with the 2 last names) and sent all the paperwork overnight by bus.  This was both comforting and scary. Comforting because the Judge DID sign everything!  And a little scary because I just kind of pictured my documents strapped to the roof of a bus, cruising across the country overnight.

In any event, the documents arrived safe and sound AND ICBF agreed to prepare the last document we need to get Jhon's visa - the consent. Jhon and I traveled with our rep to the ICBF office today and after a few more administrative corrections, we had the proper document in hand. Whew!  What a load off!

Tomorrow morning we head back to the passport office. I'm not sure if we have to pay for an entirely new passport : /  but it sounds like there will be some sort of amendment sticker for it instead. In any event, that should be fixed tomorrow or Thursday morning.  Thursday afternoon we head to the US Embassy to collect Jhon's visa to enter the US.

And Friday morning ... we fly HOME!  

It's a loooong day of travel. We have a hefty layover in Atlanta and don't reach GR until close to 11 pm.  But I don't care!!!  I am so excited to have the entire weekend with my whole family in one house! Heck, it's pretty exciting that we will all be in the same country!  

Thank you all for your prayers. I've really felt the love and support and it's given me so much strength. I could never say thank you enough.

As thrilled as we are to be finally heading home, now that its imminent, there is a little sadness as well. Colombia has been wonderful and our experiences here unparalleled  We leave behind two amazing families that have become wonderful friends in such a short time. Thankfully, they should be heading back to the US very shortly behind us. 

At the end of the day, after all my whining and fears and worry and venting... I am so thankful that I have been able to see this experience as a wonderful gift. Even relatively ordinary experiences - like eating new foods and going to a park - have taken on new importance. We are able to experience this city, this country, in the little ways, as well as the big. And loving it! 

The fruit here is incredible and I will really really miss it!
Below is a photo of a fruit I tried for the first time this weekend. I believe it's called a "mangostein"?  It is a purple color on the outside, but you crack it open and find this white fruit on the inside. It has the texture of an orange (kind of), looks a bit like garlic, but takes amazing!

Late this morning/early afternoon, some of us took a walk to a large park near the mall. It used to be a polo/country club but is now a public park. it is HUGE and lovely. The grass is amazing and there were tons of neat equipment, including the traditional slides and monkey bars, but also an old fashioned merry-go-round (remember those? I never see them in the US), and some exercise equipment! 

You sure can't beat the view. I am SO going to miss seeing those mountains everyday. 
They just make me smile.

I assume this used to be a polo field. Today, we just saw people enjoying it, running and playing soccer (I mean "futbol")

Jhon enjoyed the elliptical

The merry-go-round was a blast!  
The only downside was that it was SO heavy that it was a serious work out to push it fast and then it would slow very quickly. Ah well, still fun.

Great day. 

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  1. YAY For coming home! Best news ever!!

    on another topic - you just need to come to Wyoming. We have the mountains and the old fashioned merry-go-rounds. :)