Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ciclovia and the Mercado

As much as I want to go home, I was looking forward to being in Bogota over a weekend.  On Sunday, several main highways/roads close down on one side for "Ciclovia". The closed side is available for runners, walkers, roller blades and bicycles. It's a beautiful way to see the city.  Jhon and I, along with the other 2 families that are staying here at our hotel, headed out mid-morning on Sunday to enjoy Ciclovia and head to the mercado.

You can see how the road is taken over by pedestrians  Also, aren't the mountains to the east lovely. I will miss that sight tremendously.  Here you can see that several bicycles have stopped. That is likely because this was a great spot to get...


The corn they grilled and sold was incredible! It's a different texture, more of a nutty flavor than sweet corn I am used to. And larger kernals. It was coated with a yummy butter and salt. Oh yum.  Jhon wouldn't even try a bite. He's pretty wary of anything that looks like a vegetable...

He started off the walk with quite a bit of energy. See the gymnastics example below:

And dancing in the street....

I guess I didn't get any good pictures of the mercado! It was pretty incredible though. Booth after booth of amazing food and drink (the coffee smelled incredible, but I was too hot to drink any), not to mention the many hand crafted items. I found a few small, fun things to bring home.  After getting to the "top", we enjoyed some empanadas and people watched a bit. Michael, one of the other dads, was awesome and took some photos of us:

It was a lovely day. Unfortunately, we pushed it a little too far. Jhon got very tired and had a wee meltdown. Then there was the matter of hiking all the way back to the hotel. By that time, ciclovia was over and the roads were open again.  Despite that, it was a really fun day. Ciclovia and the mercado are not to be missed if you are visiting Bogota! 

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