Monday, September 17, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 9 - Back in the Saddle

After a rough week, it was nice to get more or less into a groove this week. It was a bit of a cut back week, which was probably good, all in all, since I'm still having some trouble with that 4th toe. Beginning to think it may actually be broken, but as long as I keep it taped, things seems okay and I rarely notice it. Take the tape off? Yeeeouch. 

Anyhoo, I actually followed my training plan pretty well!

Monday - 3 miles/3.25 miles (11:45).  Mondays are sure hard to get up to my alarm. I slept in, but thankfully the cooler temps make lunch time runs a possibility again! It was a slow 3 miles, but at least it got done.

Tuesday - fun workout/nada.  I really need to plan ahead. I don't know what to do with this in my schedule. I usually seem to use the extra time to clean or something. I think I walked the dog? Nothing exciting.

Wednesday - Rest or XT/nada. See above.  Good intentions to hit the bike, never happened. I think I did laundry. :)

Thursday - 6 miles, mid 4 tempo/6.25 miles done (more or less).  Struggled to hit those tempo paces. Was shooting for 9:30 min/miles and was struggling to keep near 9:50. Kept getting lost in my thoughts and dropping down to a more comfortable pace without realizing it. Still, progress. It definitely was uncomfortable, so I say that's a tempo!

Friday - 4 miles/done! (11:18) Another lunch time run. Beautiful day, nice to get out. Nothing speedy, but felt pretty good. 

Saturday - 14 miles/ 13.25 miles.  I wanted to squeeze this in before morning soccer and knew I was cutting it close (I was running to the field and didn't want to miss much). I'm sure I smelled wonderful and the other parents loved me. Hey, at least I changed my shirt and put on deoderant. :) 

 Looking back, I could have snuck that last .75 in but I wasn't sure on the time.  I thought I would get my dog out for a short run in the afternoon to make up for it, but didn't quite work out that way.

Sunday - Rest/done, if you call cleaning rest! :) Oh and made some fabulous meatballs and homemade bread. YUM.
Total:  27 miles/ 26.75 miles


  1. don't forget the stretchy shorts! :) tennies and stretchy shorts definitely give off the "i work out, don't judge the messy hair" vibe! :P

  2. Awesome week of workouts - and great cartoons, too :)