Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bloody Runch

With the temps starting to cool, lazy mornings equal the possibility of a runch - lunch time run. I stayed up far too late on Sunday night reading, so I didn't even bother with the 5 a.m. alarm. Instead, I packed my bag to run during my lunch break

I even dressed like a ninja. Cuz I'm that awesome.  And black is slimming. But frankly kinda stupid when it's still 75 degrees and sunny.  Whew, it got toasty.

[don't ask]

Things were going well. Mile 2 finally got into a groove, cruising along.  WHAM. Uneven patch of sidewalk caught my foot (the one with the injured toe), jamming my toes and causing a face plant.
 [I wish]

I caught myself but got up sporting seriously scraped up palms and a bloody knee. Awesome. And still 1.5 miles from work. What can you do?  So I trucked it back, blood oozing down my leg. Lots of funny looks.

I guess dressing like a ninja did nothing for my reflexes. 

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