Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 8 - Toes, Falling Apart, and Regrouping

Week started a bit rough since I injured some toes early Monday. :( So much for the 8-10 miles I'd planned. I could barely walk. The early part of the week involved grumpiness and freaking out but I started to pull it together as the week went on.  I had planned to supplement my work out with our stationary bike, but didn't do this as much as I should have. This is in part because it was a busy week with school starting. Additionally, a co-worker lost her husband this week and its been a very emotional time around work lately.

However, I also fell apart mentally this week. Sure, I hurt my toes and I definitely needed a day or two off from running.  But by late Tuesday it was reasonably clear that the swelling was starting to go down and that even if I was out for the week, it was not a debilitating/long term problem. Yet, I allowed myself serious doubts about my training and whether I would really be able to do the marathon.  And I reverted to old habits - binge eating,comfort foods, etc. Yeah, because what you really need when you can't run? A doughnut. Or not.

I think this showed that I am not as mentally prepared for this race as I thought, nor as well as I need to be. Sure, taking a week off during prime training is NOT ideal. But it's not the end of the world either. Other than a few bouts of laziness/allergy issues, I have nailed the vast majority of my training plan so far. I came into this week feeling strong and prepared. Missing a few workouts is not going to sabotage October 21 unless I let it

So as the week went on, I slowly worked to pull my head back in the game. I stopped freaking out and started trying things out. I ran a mile Weds. It didn't feel good, but it also didn't feel any worse than walking. And the pain didn't increase after. Thursday was 1.5.  Same deal. Friday I ran my scheduled workout. Still going strong. Might be another week or two of slower, more uncomfortable runs. Speedwork and hills will take a backseat to mileage.  But I'm not throwing in the towel just yet! 

Planned/Completed/Avg Pace

Monday - 8-10 miles, mid 5 RP/zip

Tuesday - 3 miles + 10 strides/zilch

Wednesday - Rest or XT/ 1 mile run (not timed); 15 min/4.2 miles on the bike - a pretty good lunchtime sweat session.

Thursday - 6 miles, hills/ 1.5 mile run with Perry; 15 min/4.3 miles on the bike.

Friday - 4 miles/ BOOM (11:26).  Nice to have one check mark :)

Saturday - 19-20 miles / 20 miles DONE (11:59) Not pretty. Started rough. But pulled it together after all.

Sunday - Rest/yes please.  :)

Total -  43 miles / 26.5 miles


  1. nicely done pulling it together by the end of the week and tackling that 20 miler!

    1. Thanks Brooke. That run really pulled it back together for me. Whew.

  2. I think this is where just about everyone starts really struggling in marathon training plans. You are doing great!

    1. Thanks Diana! It's nice to think I'm not the only one that falls to pieces ;)