Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 7 Recap - Yay for Hitting Those Paces!

Overall, this was a great training week. It was another recovery week and I think the lower mileage really worked for me. Both my tempo and long runs felt particularly great!

Planned/Completed/Avg Pace

Monday - 3 miles/3.5 miles (11:21).  I struggled with my alarm and put off my run until the evening. Fortunately, my "middles" joined me for 2 miles (24:xx) and the next mile and a half was a bit speedier solo.

Tuesday - 7 miles / 6.5 miles (11:01).  Felt okay. Cut it short due to time constraints. Thought I'd run with the kids in the evening, but were too busy with back-to-school shenanigans and random kids parading through my house all evening. :)

Wednesday - Rest or XT / 1 mile with kids (11:04); some light strength/ab work.

Thursday - 6.5 miles tempo / BOOM.  I am really proud of this run. I felt a little heavy legged to start, but once I warmed up, I was able to hit my desired paces with more ease than usual!  1 mile WU (10:43); 2x2 mile tempo (9:33; 9:19; 9:23; 9:01); .5 mile recovery (11:04 min/mile); 1 mile CD (10:15). My goal tempo pace was between 9:15 and 9:30, so I was really happy overall.

Friday - Rest or XT/Rest (travel)

Saturday - 14 miles (last 8 RP)/12 miles (11:01).  I modified this a bit since we were out of town, staying with family.  So I changed the plan to 10 miles, last 5 at RP. Then I decided to take Perry out for another 2 miles. Ended up with 6 total miles at RP (10:30) or faster and felt GREAT!  The first 5 miles were a tad rough (allergies were ON FIRE and could barely breathe until meds kicked in) (11:42, 11:36, 11:29, 11:36, 12:18 - some of that involved waiting at traffic lights).   But the last miles were great! (10:40, 10:17, 10:27, 10:23, 10:17, 10:25, 11:04).

Was a great confidence boosting run, one that you don't want to end. This was particularly great since My plan was to move my Tuesday 8 miler to Monday and tack on another mile or two to compensate for cutting this run a little short...

Sunday  - Rest

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