Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 10 - Redemption

September has shaped up to be a rather tough training month and not for the reasons I expected.  Ever since I hurt my foot, it has been a mental battle far more than a physical one. This week was no exception, with a few highs and lows. In addition, the back to school schedule (and more structured atmosphere that results) has made it even tougher to make time.  
Monday - 3 miles/3.6 miles (11:17).  Wiped out, re-injured my toe. Rough day. Still healing.
Tuesday - 9 miles, NS (4,4,1) / 2.55 (11:38).  I woke up at 0 dark 30. I was NOT skipping this run.  And yet, it was awful. My foot throbbed. I feel apart far before mile 2 and threw in the towel way before 3. I went back to bed and fumed at myself.
Wednesday - Rest or XT/5 miles (10:55) I decided to move rearrange my schedule to make up for Tuesday, moving Friday's run to Weds. Was able to fit in a great run over lunch. Foot felt reasonably okay. Just great to be out in the sunshine.
Thursday -I don't remember original plan, moved the 9 mile NS run here / 5 miles (11:20). Another disaster. Another wasted 0 dark 30 wake up. I was so mad.
Friday - 4-5 miles/REST.  I moved the 5 miler to Weds and decided my foot needed a break and I had to worry about my long run. I tried to take it easy and prepare for Saturday...
Saturday - 20 miles / 22 miles (11:56).  Yep, that's right 22 FLIPPING MILES. And, other than walking through fueling and 2 pit stops, that was non-stop running for nearly 4 hours and 30 min. 

    It was the perfect day for a run - cool and comfortable. Sun, but not intense. Awwwwww yeah. pumped.  

    I followed the run up with some tail gating action and an MSU football game. Not exactly restful but way fun!  Go green!

    Sunday - REST

    Total Mileage for the Week: 38.15 miles



    1. Wow! That 22 miles was quite a redemption for earlier in the week. Sometimes that's just the way it goes. You need a few crappy runs to really appreciate the awesome ones. Great job and enjoy the taper!

    2. Wow...I cant' believe you ran 22 miles...I mean I can, but i really can't imagine that right now!!! you Rock!! So proud of you...so, so proud and you should be too ;)