Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Run...

We were blessed with an uncommonly beautiful early spring weekend!  Yesterday in particular was exceptional.  we headed to church and then all came home, ready to get out into the sunshine!  The wind was still a bit cool, so I opted to throw on my light running jacket.  Mistake. Pulled it off after a mile. Ah well, needed the pockets anyway.

Headed out down one of my favorite running paths.  My legs felt very tired and I was generally a bit sluggish. At the outset I tried to keep my goals reasonable - I wanted to hit 10 miles and I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible.  It was too nice not to!  So I tried to ignore my Garmin and just run at whatever pace felt okay.  

 Here I am slightly before Mile 2.  Still pretty windy at this point. I was trying to catch the chunks of ice in the background pond, but apparently missed them. :) I'm pretty sure they must be gone by now!

This is the path I was running on near my turn-around point, mile 5.5.  My phone takes poor photos, so it's hard to appreciate the fact that the grass is actually turning green already!

 This is me vegging on the side of the path at mile 5.5.  It felt good to crash for a few minutes and scarf some Gu Chomps (not a huge fan by the way... but better than actual Gu - hate that stuff). 

Just lay looking at the sky. It was an incredible blue.  
One of those days where you can't help but feel God's gifts all around you.

It was a lovely afternoon. 


  1. It looked like a lovely afternoon...kuddos to you for a great 10 miler ;)

  2. Well done! I'm a mom of five too, and I'm also a runner! Running helps keep me sane, during all the cries of 'Mommy!!!!'

    Mom's Home Run