Friday, January 13, 2012

Running in a Winter Wonderland!

Well, it happened. Winter finally arrived.  On Tuesday I went running in 50 degrees with sunny skies. Today was around 20 and full of SNOW.  Kids enjoyed their first snow day so Grace helped me document my snowy run.

Me, being geeky, pre-run

 New Yaxtrax!  Thank goodness. No slipping, sliding or falling here!

 After 2 miles, I stopped back home to pick up Perry for mile 3. I decided to take the camera with me at that point...
 Our snowy street
 Perry took a little convincing to get to run. 
He wanted to shove his face in the snow instead.

 Here we are part way in. He wouldn't smile nice, so this is the best I could do.

 My tracks in the snow.

Not a bad final time considering (i) it was supposed to be an easy run, (ii) the snow added quite a workout, and (iii) Perry spent much time sniffing and peeing! 


  1. yay for runs in the snow! how'd the yaxtrax work?

  2. These pics are so cute! You look great! I love running in the snow. And Perry is so big and such a beautiful dog. Wish I could come run with you!

  3. ok...I am an official follower! i joined your running one as well...but no posts! come check mine out too...I need some motivators!

    That run looked beautiful!! And you don't at all represent what you named your other blog btw!!!

    Great pics...keep it up!