Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Up To Wednesday ...

Sick. Ugh. That seems to be what is going on lately. :(

Mark has been sick for weeks. Seriously WEEKS.  There was a brief break where we thought he was over it, but it was apparently just a transition from flu symptoms to a terrible cough.  His cough is slowly on its way out...

But now I seem to have it. :( Grrrrrr.

Result?  Not much motivation or running around here lately.  : /

On the upside, it's a looong weekend.  Yay!  Get to see my mom, sister and an out-of-state aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving!  And STILL get a couple weekend days back home, hopefully painting the bathroom (not holding my breath...)

It's starting to cool down around here.  But then we keep getting random days in the 50s. Not complaining or anything (!) but makes it hard to adjust. :)  Perfect running weather (but where's that motivation again?)

Hmmm... so what else am I up to?

CURRENT BOOK (fiction):     I am deeply hooked into the Game of Thrones series. I just finished the 2nd book and immediately started in on the 3rd (A Storm of Swords).  I thought I would hate it, but Mark urged me to give it a try. Well, I have left him in my dust. He's just starting book 2. :)

CURRENT BOOK (non-fiction):    I have about 7 sitting on my bed side table, all of which I have been waiting a long time to read, including Willpower, Bart Yasso's My Life on the Run, and Kara Goucher's Running for Women. But I can't seem to find time to read them (see above...)  :)

CURRENT FOOD OBSESSION:  Eggs.  Love them. Eat them almost every morning.  Nothing else seems to fill me up.

CURRENT SNACK OBSESSION:  Chocoate chips. Right out of the bag.  (hangs head in shame).  Damn Costco and those massive bulk sizes!  ;)

CURRENT TV LOVE:  We don't have cable anymore and simply use Netflix. I don't even watch much of that, but Mark and I like to wind down with a little How I Met Your Mother (LOVE Neil Patrick Harris!) or, on the flip side, Intervention.  Seriously, that show is crazy-sad.  :(

Alright, that's enough for now.  One last (busy) day of work before the fun begins!

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