Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time Management Sucks

And now for something totally random!

I'll admit - not the most accurate title.  Actually, time management skills are pretty wonderful.  I just don't really have them (at least not the level I'd like), so I sometimes get really frustrated by those uber-organized moms that can pull things together in a heartbeat. ;)

Because I have a larger-than-average size family, people tend to assume I have it all together, with a system for everything.  Since I also work outside (and inside) the home and have actually started working on personal hobbies (shock!), those people often jump to the conclusion that I have some secret to creating extra hours in the day.

Ummmm... nope.  hahahaha

As my mom and college roommate could tell you, I am naturally messy. Unorganized.  Often forgetful and more than a little ... blonde. :)  Sometimes I think this is why God has maneuvered my life this way - every day is an opportunity for growth!  Because I am that mom that can't seem to keep the field trips straight and forgets to send in the knick knack to school (and I was the ONLY ONE that didn't have one...) and constantly RSVPs late (or forgets...).  Buying birthday gifts on the way to the party.  Digging around the house at 9 pm for a suitable "sharing" item for the next day.  I don't know what I would do without direct debit for monthly bills - I shudder to think.

This is not an area of my life I am proud of.  I don't want my kids to struggle in this area, but I don't set much of an example (at least not consistently).

I'm working on it.

In the meantime, all you naturally uber-organized peeps out there... cut us flighty goofballs some slack.  :)  Not because I have 5 kids (I can't blame it on them... unfortunately).  But because most people would not choose to live in chaos of order came more naturally.

So roll your eyes at my late RSVP - that's fair.  But at least I'll be at the party!  :)

**Note - this post is not the result of any specific instance or someone's frustration at me.  Just a random part of my personality I was thinking about this morning while drinking my coffee and staring at my clutter-strewn desk.**


  1. Glad to see you're back posting. I've missed your blog. I'm pretty sure your unique organizationl skills run on your dad's side of the family--or at least in the females on this side of the family:)

  2. Wait... you were the messy one? I can blame the state of that room on you? Wait til I tell my mother.

    And I always thought that random pile of mostly clean clothes in the middle of the room was our dorm-issued joint closet.