Friday, May 13, 2011


Lately I have been asked quite often how the homeschooling is going and are we doing it again next year. The truth is that homeschooling was wonderful and stressful, rewarding and scary. But I usually just say that things are fine. The second answer is that we had planned to do it at least another year.

Unfortunately, that option is no longer there due to changes in work hours and obligations. 

So now, I am faced with scrapping some plans and dreams and adjusting to a our new reality - not a bad one by any means, just different than planned. Come September, we'll have 5 children in 3 different schools, balancing (even more) homework, sports, activities, friends and family. 

Let the fun begin!

In the interim, I am fortunate that we will be able to finish homeschooling for this school year and I'm determined to enjoy this special time with my oldest girls. They grow up so quickly!

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