Monday, August 16, 2010

I know that look.

You know the one. That "you guys really are crazy you know" look. I get it almost daily. And I don't see that changing any time soon.

You see, it started - on some level- back in college when Mark and I got married so young and started our family. We'd get a few of those "you're crazy" looks back then (and a few other looks too, but we don't need to go into those...)

There were a few more of them when I decided to go to law school the following fall with a two year old daughter. But still, law school is/was a very respectible pursuit, so the looks were still fairly minimal. Sometimes they were even fun - that border-line amazement ("how do you do it!?!?")

Then we started making plans for child #2 ... who arrived shortly after I took the bar exam. The looks picked up here... WHY would anyone do that??? (In all fairness, I may have said this myself once or twice, particularly when I was getting kicked during the essay portion ...)

Before the newest addition was six months old, we decided to add to our family again through adoption. International, transcracial adoption. Of "older" children. (I didn't really consider a 3 and 5 year old "older" children, but many do/did). It wasn't three months after our newest children were home with our family that we knew we were adopting our daugther's older sister. 12 years old, to be exact. Practically a teenager. 4 1/2 year older than our oldest child.
We questioned our own sanity a few times while waiting, but certain we were on the right path, we continued on and grew into a family of 7.  In fact, our tiny family of 3 grew to 6 in less than 2 year and to 7 in just a year more.
Now that I stop to think about it, our family has been in a state of flux (for other reasons too...) almost the entire time we have been married. We just celebrated our first year anniversary with our oldest child and realized, with a happy sigh, that for the most part, things have been uneventful and we are gaining some steadiness to our lives. Not waiting for anything or anybody ... just living. :) It's nice.


Apparently I can't let things get too boring. And I have to keep stirring up those "looks"... by the time they stop for one thing (e.g. our 5th and now oldest child) they have started for something else. We have decided to homeschool Grace and Selam next year (4th and 7th grades). We've had a mix of reactions, but most have been wonderfully positive. Although I am nervous about this undertaking (in no small part because I will continue working full time), we are all really excited about learning together and - hopefully (!) - growing closer over the next year. We want to be able to focus on the girls' strengths as well as provide extra time/support for their weaker areas. They are growing up so fast that I am clinging to this little time I have left with them as kids.

So, yep, we have chosen what some would (and have...) called an alternative lifestyle. We have made choices that many don't understand. We are called "crazy" more often than I'd like.

But if this is crazy... sign me up! :o)

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  1. What a beautiful family!! My sister and BIL have adopted internationally twice and are awaiting the arrival of their third girl, this time from Congo.