Friday, February 15, 2013

Poor, Poor Poncho

[So happy to be heading home!]

[Snoozing in the living room, rather than tackling all those stairs... ]

This is Poncho. Some of you know Poncho. Most people who meet Poncho love him.  Unless they are really bothered by nervous peeing. He's got a bit of a problem with that. And he's a bit passive aggressive. And a rotten food-stealer. All in all, he's sort of an adorable mess of a dog and has been since he was very young. He has also been an old man since about 1 year old, but now that he is approaching 10, he is starting to be a bit more legitimately old.

Anyhoo, poor Ponch blew out his ACL last year and we had it repaired over the summer. He's been doing much better ever since, until this past weekend when he started limping like crazy and was in obviously terrible pain. I was so upset, assuming that his ACL blew again somehow. :( We knew we wouldn't do the surgery again.But we took  him to the vet and found out that a strap used in the surgery (that holds down the muscle over the implant while it heals, I think) slipped and was hanging lose in his leg. What? So, the vet kept him overnight and surgically removed the offending strap and sent Ponch home. 

He practically RAN out of the office on Tuesday - so glad to be busted free I guess! He's still favoring it quite a bit, even though he should be using it more by now. He's kind of a baby... But he's on the mend. There was a bigger incision than I had expected but just glad that he's okay. 

These fur babies sure steal your heart don't they?

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