Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oops I did it again...

It's no secret that it's taken me a little time to find my running-groove since returning from Colombia. Stress, adjustment, lack of discipline, etc all compounded to make it an uphill battle (or feel like one) to get out the door.

Slowly, this has been changing. Last week I ran 22 miles. They weren't all wonderful, but overall it was a great week. I felt strong. Challenged, but not terribly so.  Naturally, feeling all recharged, I decided I needed a goal. Why sit idle and just enjoy it?  ;)

I purposely set very few running goals for myself early in 2013 (races or otherwise).  I left for Colombia right on the heels of the Detroit Marathon, during a time I was feeling pretty burned out - about running, work, and everything in between. I did not know how Jhon would adjust and how long it would take for life to feel "normal."  Well, we're busy and we're still adjusting, but life has felt pretty "normal" for awhile.  I wanted a spring goal and, for some reason, I was not feeling particularly motivated by the Riverbank Run 25k (which is odd since I loved the race last year).

Then I found out Bari was training for the Bayshore Half Marathon in Traverse City in May (voted one of the best road races in North America), which pretty much sold out the day registration opened. Of course this peaked my interest - Bayshore is definitely on my list.  I poked around the website.  The half was full, but... there were still slots open for the marathon. Ummm.... what? I go from I can-barely-run-five-miles to I-want-to-train-for-a-spring-marathon?!  

Yeah, I did.

Surprisingly, I then did something smart. I did NOT immediately register.  Instead, immediately emailed my much MUCH more experienced (and highly motivated) friend Erin.  She knew what my running (and non-running) has been like lately, but she still thought I could handle it if I started immediately! 

So... I did. 

I registered for the 31st annual Bayshore Marathon on May 25, 2013.  26 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan? Yes please! 

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