Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bayshore Training Wk 1 - Get 'er Done

Given that this is only week one of about 20 weeks of training, perhaps I should be a bit worried when the first though that came to my mind to describe this week was "get 'er done."  

But, I'm not.  I know that it is a bit of a stretch for me to be training for another marathon right now - both because of where my running base is at, and because of so much going on personally. Yet, I'm excited. I need a goal like this and having something to focus on outside of parenting, job hunting, working and other such day-to-day tasks has always been good for me. So, I needed to get it done!

This was a tough week to "start" marathon training. I just happened to have a lot going on that messed with my "normal" running schedule. I did two of my three weekday runs at night, which I typically hate.  I'm breaking in new shoes as well and I can feel that as well.   So what's the high point of my week?  The fact that I did it all anyways. I got all of my scheduled runs in one way or another. Even on those cold and rainy-ish days, I still went. And that's something.


The funny thing is that I wrote most of this post on Friday, with plans to get my long run in Saturday with no problems. Friday night I came down with this terrible cold. I couldn't move Saturday. I did end up getting my long run in Sunday, but I"m not sure it was a good choice because I'm still pretty sick overall. So it was a very much "get er done" week but I probably could've handled it smarter. Unfortunately, that means week 2 will be a NOT get er done week so I can recover... 

Things that went right this week:
* Completed all scheduled runs! (could be a con - see above)
* Two days of strength and two days of core work as planned!
* Kept my runs within my prescribed paces.

Things I need to improve on:
* I continue to work towards a more even pace. This week's runs were (almost all) within my desired range, but they were still kind of all over the board (and/or felt all over the board)
* I have been TERRIBLE about getting up in the morning as planned, which required more scheduling shuffling than there should have been. I just create more stress when I do this.   

Total miles for the week (planned/completed):  22/22


  1. I'm terrible at maintaining run paces too. Today's run was anywhere from 12 mm to 9 mm pace. Not exactly ideal.

    Great job getting everything in!

  2. For me anyway, it takes a good month before I get the "get up early" ingrained into my system. Just keep trying, maybe start with a smaller goal to get one workout in, in the morning and then next week shoot for two so you don't feel so defeated?