Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visa Obtained! We're Going HOME!

Almost every step in this process - at least the part in Bogota - has been full of drama.  Fortunately, the visa process today WAS an exception.  :)

There was a little bit of a rough start.  InSANE traffic made us late, and then we got dropped off at the wrong gate and it seemed to take forever to get where we were supposed to be. However, from that point on, it was smooth sailing!

I admit - I was scared.

The biggest (potential) issue is that Jhon's medical clearance was issued to us under his "old" name and passport number - the first one. I was worried that since it didn't match we might be forced to fix that too. Fortunately, the US embassy had plenty of sense to see it was clearly one kid at issue.
Thus, from the time I spoke to the first person to submit my documents, to the time we had the visa in hand, it was only one hour.

Glorious. Simply glorious.

We are so, so excited.

To come home.
Jhon and I before leaving for the embassy.  I promise he was more excited than he looks...

See? This is Jhon in the taxi, very excited.

aaaand this is Jhon asleep in the taxi. Because that is pretty much what he does. :)

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