Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's been a rather busy day...

We started the day pretty normally, heading into town for breakfast and to pick up a few things we needed(mostly fruit, JS eats a ton!) and headed back to the hostel.

We were told our meeting with the defender of minors would occur this afternoon, not Monday as we'd expected. This is good news, as we will hopefully have our case filed in the court Monday.

We had time for a little swimming before lunch. JS did not want to stop but we needed to eat and get ready for the meeting.

Then, the rain started. And it POURED. Like nothing I've ever seen. Our meeting went very well. By the time it was complete, the rain had worsened and the river rose tremendously fast. Most swimmers had exited but one boy was stranded on a rock. People were screaming. It was terrifying. The owner of the hostel ran out and threw the boy and rope, helping to pull him in. Thankfully, he got to shore. Less than a minute later, the rock he had been standing on was submerged.

After all that excitement, the ICBF worker left and we watched the monkeys some more. They have come almost every afternoon and are so fun.

A bit later, we went next door to meet their pet monkey. Apparently, another family had it as a pet but kept it leashed. They felt bad for it and let it go. But it has little fear of people. It tried to move into our hotel but caused so much damage he couldn't stay. He's been next door for about a month with a family and seems very happy. He spends most of his time riding around on the dogs. They also had a neat parrot and many other animals. JS was not fond of the dogs... I guess we'll see how that goes when we get home!

Now we are not so patiently waiting for dinner. We are going next door (other neighbors,) and the food is always excellent but they weren't going to be ready for us until 7. My attempt at cooking lunch was less than stellar, so we are anxiously counting the minutes!

Overall, a rather jam packed day...

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