Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family Sleepover! And the best thing ever...

After a verrrry busy week trying to madly tie up loose ends at work and with various projects and what not, we knew we needed some family time on Friday night.  Solution? Family movie night to the next level - family sleepover.

Oh yes. Even Mark ;)

This is a complicated endeavor at our house since our living room is not that big and not carpeted. BUT with a little creativity we were all (pets too!) snuggled up.  It was great.

Cozy Abi and Hana. I swear these 2 are practically twins some days...

Gracie and Selam!

Perry decided to snuggle with Ally. Then she bailed on him to snuggle with Mark and I.

Morning aftermath...

Oh, and even better! Pre-movie:

Mark sent all the kids up to grab their blankets and stuff and he told Abi and Hana we were watching a "scary" movie (it was the Dark Crystal).  They were pretty excited about that and Mark heard them talking as they walked away:

Abi:  "A scary movie!  Awesome! This is the best day ever!  Hana, do you ever wonder what it would have been like if you'd been adopted by the wrong family?"

Oh my, that boy warms my heart.  And blesses me a thousand times over.

I'm going to miss them all SOOOOOOO much.

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